St Margaret's, Westminster Abbey, London

Near this Place lieth the Body of JAMES NARES Doctor of Music, Many Years ORGANIST and COMPOSER To their MAJESTIES KING GEORGE 2nd and 3rd and XXIII (23)Years.
Master of the Children of THE ROYAL CHAPELS, in which Offices he acquitted himself with Credit to His Profession, having also Discharged the more Important Duties of husband, father, brother and friend, with the greatest integrity. He died Feb. X. MDCCLXXXIII (1783) Aged 67 Years

In memory of Captain Francis Hamilton Elliot, 94th regiment, youngest son of John Lettsom Elliot, Esquire, died East Indies 29th of March 1863 Aged 25 years
This tablet is erected by his brother officers

To the Memory of JOHN PERRYN, Leutenant-Colonel of the 12th Reg. of Foot
A Man as eminent for his private Virtues as for his professional Abilities; Who after serving his Country for 36 Years (A great part of which was spent in the active and hazardous duties of War In Germany, in Flanders, in Holland, and in the Glorious defence of Gibraltar against the united efforts of France and Spain) Fell a victim to a malignant Fever contracted on an Expedition to the Coast of France on the 23rd Day of January 1796, in the 57th Year of his Age; And was Buried in a Vault beneath this Aisle.

Within ye chancel of this church was interred the body of the Great Sr. Walter Raleigh Kt on the day he was beheaded in Old Palace Yard, Westminster Oct 29th Anno Dom. 1618

Reader- Should you reflect on his errors

Remember his many virtues

And that he was a mortal

Near this Place Lyes interrd the Body of M. Thomas Cremer, who dyed the 25th Sep. 1705 In His 53rd Year As doth also His Sister M. Anne Cremer, who Dyed the 31 July 1737 In her 83rd Year

Near this place lie interred the remains of Sir John Crosse, who served in our Parliaments
He died 12th March 1762 in the 62nd Year of his Age. In hopes of a glorious resurrection


Here lyeth the body of M. Mary Brocas, one of ye daughters and coheires of Williams Brocas of Ffedding worth in ye countye of Leicester Esq; who departed his life the thrd day of December in the yeare of our Lord God 1654.
For whose pious memory her loving sister M. Frances Staresmore erected this Monument

To the glory of GOD and in memory of Anne Wainewright of Deans Yard Westminster who died on the 20th day of November 1875. The above window has been erected by her affectionate sister Jane Wainewright.

In memory of William Lyon Wainewright, aged 23 years, who was lost at sea in the month of October 1838 on the passage from Memel to Elsineur.
This tablet is inscribed by his deeply afflicted parents William and Catherine Wainewright of this parish in the humble hope of a future reunion with their beloved only son through the redeeming merits of the blessed savior of the world Jesus Christ

To the glory of God and in loving memory of William Page Baron Hatherley, born Nov 29th 1801 Died July 10th 1881. He was a good man.


In memory of the late deceased virgin Mistris Elizabeth Hereicke

I pray you remember Henry Austen Layard PC GCB Discoverer of Nineveh.
He served his queen and his country with all his heart and with all his might while representing the boroughs of Aylesbury and Southwark in Parliament as under secretary of state for foreign affairs as first Commissioner of works as minister at Madrid and as ambassador at Constantinople
Born 5 March 1817 Died 5 July 1894


To the glory of God in loving memory of George Vacher of Chudleigh Surbiton for over fifty years of 29 Parliament St and warden on this church 1861 who entered into his rest October 22nd 1902 aged 93 interred at Kensal Green Cemetery a founder of the Vacher’s Endowment an example of true piety and devotion beloved of all.

To the glory of GOD and in memory of Gilbert Thomas Robertson, born 5th November 1862 Died at Rawul Pindi Punjab India 9th April 1890, Aged 27.
This tablet Is erected by his brother officers in token of their affection.


To the glory of God and in loving memory of Augustus Joseph Hodges, churchwarden of this parish 1866-1867, born 2nd October 1829 Died 31st October 1906, interred at Warehorne, Kent


To the dear memory of Cyril Lytton Farrar, born at Harrow March 19th 1869 Died at Peking February 2nd 1891
Afar he sleeps whose name is graven here
Where loving hearts his early doom deplore
Youth, promise, virtue, all that made him dear
Heaven lent, Earth borrowed, sorrowing to restore. O.W. Holmes

Aetat 46
Hee had by his wife Elizabeth 8 children, 6 lye here
Interred Jane ye Eldest was wife to JAMES TOOTH in ye County of Surry Gen. She dyed big of her 2nd child in ye 25th year of her Age Nov 15th 91

Here under resteth in expectation of a glorious resurrection ye body of Thomas Bond Gentlema Sometimes a burgesse of this citty of Westminster and alse ye bodies of Eilen his wife, of Thomas Bond theire sonne & of Eilen theire daughter.
To ye memory of whose Christian vertues theire dutiful sonne & loving brother John Bond hath erected this rememberance.

To the memory of William Caxton who first introduced into Great Britain the art of printing and who A.D. 1477 or earlier exercised that art in the abbey of Westminster.
This tablet in remembrance of one to whom the literature of his country is so largely indebted was raised Anno Domini MDCCCXX (1820)

To the memory of Edwin Horatio Fedarb who worshipped and worked in this church for 68 years, died 19 April 1933 aged 92 years, Churchwarden 1904-1923

In the pious Hope of a glorious Resurrection, Pursued through Virtue, Faith and Valour, Here lie interred the Mortail Remains of sir Peter Parker, Baronet, Aged 28 Years

Mrs Joice Goddard by her will dated 10th September 1621 gave to the churchwardens & sidesmen of St. Margaret certain funds out of which she directed them to pay to sixteen poor women every Sunday in the year after morning prayer sixpence a piece to every of them. To be paid at the table to be set up by her executors at the west end of the said church. 1st May 1871

Here lyeth the body of ye Joane Barnet widow Borne in this Parish , daughter of M. Michael Simnell and Joane his wife who steeled by deed on trustees of this parish for ever severall houses in London for the uses following:
40 per Annum to be equally divided every quarter between twenty of the poorest ancient widdowes of civill life…
She departed this life ye 6 of July 1674 in the 82 yeare of her age.

Here under waiting for a glorious resurrection rest ye body of Susana Gray daughter of Henry Gray of Enfeild in ye countie of Stafford Esq. She dyed ye 29 of October 1654 being neare 10 years of age. First that such virtues as she practiced may encourage others to imitate her.
2: That they may not fall into oblivion
3: That others may see tis not in vaine to be such ye most impartiall of them of them yt knew her thought it justice to her memory to leave this testimony that she was ye most modest pious and learned that hath beene knowne of her years.

To the memory of Mary, the widow of Mr William Higgs, late of Mill Bank Street, Westminster, who died 30th July 1822, aged 76 years
By her will she gave a considerable sum of money to be distributed among poor widows and other of the United Parishes of Saint Margaret and Saint John the Evangelist , Westminster

In memory of Mrs Elizabeth Corbett, who departed this life at Paris March 9th 1724 after a long and painfull sickness.

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