Friedhof Meidling I

Grave Art
While far from being abandoned, this is one of the more neglected cemeteries I've seen. There are quite a few damaged gravestones and the grass, ivy, etc. has grown out of control in some areas. These are not exactly negative points, though, as they make for unusual sights and photographs.
You may note the red "X"s on a number of the graves. I suspect this indicates that these particular stones are to be removed and the plot "recycled"--which always has saddened me, for not only does it mean that the poor deceased will have his/her final resting place disturbed, their bones put in a box and buried deeper in the ground and all physical memory of their existence knocked down and made into building material for roads (or whatever they really use old gravestones for); but to add insult to injury, their pretty old Victorian grave markers will be replaced by modern eyesores. Sad indeed.
This is just one of the reasons I photograph these old graves. They won't be around forever. In some cases, I fear I got there just in time; otherwise I might have missed the chance to see them.

I especially love the old, crumbling graves like this one

...and the crooked ones are nice as well

one of the (rare) older graves in this cemetery

not sure what's going on here...

...or here...

oh dear...

I'm not sure what the appeal was, but these doves seemed to enjoy hanging around this particular grave

continued in Meidling Cemetery Photos part II

Graves pictured:
Anselme Marie 1859-1943
Ballisch Josefa 1854-1906
Ballisch Hermine 1904-1914
Ballisch Karl 1855-1928
Berger Auguste (geb. Lucker) 1856-1929
Böck Rosa (geb. Kienmayer) 1840-1909
Brantl Josef (Sohn) 1892-1917
Brantl Josef (Vater) 1857-1919
Brantl Josefa 1859-1939
Breyer Karl 1912-1917
Dietz Johann 1812-1885
Dietz Katharina 1840-1914
Dorn Josef 1833-1912
Ernstberger Maria 1893-1974
Fiala Maria (geb. Kienmayer) 1851-1925
Gabriel Josef 1820-1904
Gabriel Maria 1849-1919
Gierster Josef 1799-1863
Gierster August (Sohn) 1828-1865
Gort Helene 1844-1902
Gort Josef 1828-1913
Gruber Josefine (geb. Wawrik) 1885-1962
Gruber Ludwig (Dr., Ministerialrat) 1872-1950
Haas Michael 1793-1861
Hanusch Heinrich 1854-1931
Hanusch Caroline (geb. Wawrik) 1864-1942
Hanusch Heinrich 1893-1951
Hanusch Karoline 1889-1967
Hinterecker Maria 18?-1923
Hinterecker Josef 1872-1939
Hinterecker Johann 1909-1940
Horvath Stephan 1876-1929
Horvath Maria 1876-?
Jarolim Franz 1879-1944
Jarolim Hermine 1881-1957
Kienmayer Anton 1844-1929
Kminek Emilie 1876-1906
Kminek Eduard 1868-1937
Kminek Karoline 1884-1937
Kolda Franz 1915-2009
Kolda Franz 1888-1963
Kolda Maria 1892-1970
Körner Alexander 1882-1931
Krämer Hildegard (geb. Schilk) 1926-1996
Kresadlo Emmerich 1882-1930
Kresadlo Karoline 1881-1970
Kristl Karoline 1876-1924
Kristl Adolf 1876-1939
Kühn Anton 1883-1924
Ploberger Berta 1864-1929
Ott Josef 1905-1932

Reichert Viktor („Tapferer Held, k.u.k. Oberleutnant) 1887-1915
Reichert Johann 1860-1924
Reichert Thekla 1872-1939
Schediwy Wilhelm 1839-1916
Schmekal Josef 1862-1904
Schmekal Karoline 1870-1953
Schilk Rosa (verw. Kühn) 1898-1953
Sladek Franz 1907-1961
Stefani Maria Almira ?-1942
Stefani Josef 1911-1990
Tinhof Josef 1875-1899
Tinhof Josef (Vater) 1843-1901
Tinhof Marie 1841-1920
Ungerisch Ferdinand 1873-1924
Viertler Josef Johann 1876-1943
Wagner Heinrich1881-1960
Wawrik Caroline (geb. Meineke) 1832-1903
Wawrik Franz 1883-1890
Wawrik Franz 1828-1903
Wawrik Franz 1855-1906
Wawrik Josefine (geb. Schreyvogl) 1855-1924
Windisch Johann 1860-1919
Windisch Julianna 1860-1931


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